Code of conduct

Hello, everyone, and a warm welcome.

As you may know, the claws of discrimination, division, and despair are ripping apart humanity. Enough is enough; many of us can’t take it anymore. As the battle between disunity and inclusivity rages on around the globe, the scream for answers grows louder. Hence the birth of the Oneness Movement for Humanity happened.

Oneness is the new frontier of our collective consciousness that promises greater inclusivity, harmony, and prosperity for all. We won’t let racism, misogyny, and hate rob us of our hope for a glorious future. It sounds utopian, but it’s a goal worth exploring. Let’s do it together.

While discrimination is one mighty

obstacle to harmony, this forum also promotes justice, compassion, tolerance empowerment, education, and much more. All are ways to understand one another. All are meant to elevate the nobility within us. All are different facets of the Oneness Movement.

I invite all to come together for a positive conversation. While expressing one’s thoughts and concerns is our sacred right and duty, being considerate to others is utmost importance too. No one wants to be offended and we don’t want you to offend anyone. The subjects we propose to discuss are thorny; misunderstandings are bound to happen. Your contribution is of vital importance, but it must be done in an intelligent, inoffensive manner.