Preserving Oneness of Humanity

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Praise for Preserving Oneness of Humanity

An uplifting read, “Preserving Oneness of Humanity” contains pearls of wisdom and a perspective that is missing from the discourse on human and planetary development…V. M. Gopaul describes oneness as the “new frontier of our collective consciousness”…The premise of the book is simple yet profound…racism is not innate but is a disease which can be “caught” during early childhood from the social environment and is expressed as a learned behavior; as such, it can also be eradicated through the development of spiritual, intellectual and emotional capacities.   -Jean Parker Ph.D.

This book is intended as an antidote to throwing up one’s hands in despair. He wrote it…out of a sense of urgency. He feels that there is a desperate need for these ideas and solutions. –Ed de Jong

Unlike so many doom and gloom books written today, this book is a breath of fresh air with positive solutions for the future and good news about our successful achievements as people and nations of planet Earth. –Saundra Arnold.

20 ways to promote inclusivity, harmony and prosperity

V.M Gopaul devotes time towards keeping his readers informed about the root of social injustice—leading to violence and racist acts. Convincingly, the writer shows that inside each human being lies an instinct which has both evil and good qualities. –Vimal Kodai

Gopaul examines some of the fiercest forces of our time, such as Brexit, the border wall, populism, the #MeToo movement, and rampant tribalism. Then he presents solutions to these divisive movements in twenty chapters.

Can we overcome the division, discrimination and despair that plague the world today? Racism, misogyny, and hate dominate the headlines. Where is the love? What can you do to make a difference?

Oneness, the new frontier of our collective consciousness, promises greater inclusivity, harmony, and prosperity for all. Don’t let division rob the world of our hope for a glorious future.

Gopaul invites us to learn about the Oneness Movement for Humanity and gain a greater understanding of the powers of forgiveness, courage, and truth. Because none of us is alone. We can change the world one idea at a time. Let’s do it together.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Golden Rule  1

CHAPTER 2: Power of Oneness, A personal story  5

CHAPTER 3: One Thousand Paper cranes   13

CHAPTER 4: One Good Deed Pays Big Dividends  17

CHAPTER 5: Freedom of Speech  23

CHAPTER 6: Riches of Oseola  31

CHAPTER 7: Racism is a Disease  37

CHAPTER 8: What is Race?  45

CHAPTER 9: How do we eradicate racism?  53

CHAPTER 10: Racists come in all colors  59

CHAPTER 11: Power of forgiveness  65

CHAPTER 12: Tribalism won’t last forever, thank God  73

CHAPTER 13: Who is telling the truth?  81

CHAPTER 14: A glimpse of compassion after arson at Mosque in Peterborough  89

CHAPTER 15: Ever expanding consciousness  95

CHAPTER 16: Pure love in a box 105

CHAPTER 17: The king and the dervish, Attachment to identity, religion, and wealth  115

CHAPTER 18: Erasing hatred one power wash at a time  123

CHAPTER 19: Institutions Under Attack  129

CHAPTER 20: The power of courage  139

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